Thursday, 28 November 2013

Use Shop Shelving Techniques to Increase Sales

Did you know that your shop layout and the way you stack your shelves can have an effect on your sales? It's common sense that keeping your store tidy and clean is a good first step in appealing to customers, but the actual configuration of your shop shelving plays an important part in how your customers move around your shop, and can even encourage customers to make more spontaneous purchases. At Shelving 4 Shops we're experts in shelving, with over 15 years' experience in the retail industry. Here are our top tips on using shop shelving to increase your sales and improve the layout of your store:

magazine shelving
  • Plan your store carefully to maximise space and make shopping efficient and easy for customers. If you need help, the team at Shelving4Shops will be happy to take a look at your floor plans and give you some tips!
  • Organise your shelving so that there's a natural flow around the store and customers can easily find related items close by. Positioning your chiller or refrigerated shelving unit at the very back of your store ensures that customers will pass the majority of your stock on their way to pick up a cold drink, increasing the likelihood that they'll also choose another product on their way to the counter;
  • Gondola shelving allows you to create aisles and maximise space in your store by stocking products on both sides of the unit. Join several gondola units together to form a run and cap with end bays for a neat look;
  • Make the most of adjustable shelf heights and interchangable shelf backing to make your shelving suit your products. Never try to cram stock into the wrong sized shelf - it will damage goods and look messy. Flexible and adaptable shelving allows you to make your shelving suit your products perfectly;
refrigerated shop shelving
  • Place popular or premium items at eye-level to maximise sales. Adding vertical height to your shelving also draws the eye upwards and provides extra display space;
  • Reposition your shelving to display promotional items clearly and increase spontaneous sales. Use end bays, corner shelving units and dump bins to prominently display popular items that customers will be most likely to grab on their way round;
  • Open up your shop with the right shelving plan. Choose units with a depth that suits your floor space rather than going for the largest shelving unit you can fit in the store. It's better to have a store that is easy to browse and looks as spacious as possible;
  • Change your displays to reflect the latest offers, public holidays, seasons and to show off new stock. Keeping your store looking fresh and new can encourage regular customers to make extra purchases;
  • Don't forget about the little details like Epos ticket strips, shelf dividers, shelf risers, dump bins, shopping baskets, wire stacking shelves and other shelving accessories!

Making small changes to your store can make a big difference to your sales. For more advice on organising your store shelving and to browse our huge range of shelving and accessories, get in touch with us at Shelving4Shops or visit our Leicestershire showroom.

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