Monday, 11 November 2013

Maintaining Your Shop Shelving

The maintenance of your store is just as important as the original fitout. Keeping your shelving neat and tidy and clean is an essential part of running your retail operation and ensures that your customers have a great first impression of your shop. Once you've chosen and fitted your shop shelving - from gondola shelving to wall shelving, dump bins to magazine racking - your next port of call is to purchase a range of shop shelving accessories that will keep your store looking great.

Shelving accessories include shelf risers and dividers, Epos ticket strips, spare shelves, end finisher legs, dump bins, wire stacking baskets, shopping baskets and any other product that helps your daily operations go smoothly. All these items offer a cost-effective way of maintaining your shop and organise your products for easy browsing. Sometimes time is limited when you're trying to run a busy shop, and maintenance might be low on your to-do list but it's important to make regular cleaning and tidying a part of your daily and weekly routine. 

Here are a few things you should have on your maintenance checklist for your store:

  • Replacing cracked and faded Epos strips
  • Neatening products in individual shelves 
  • Sweeping under and around shelving
  • Dusting and wiping down shelves 
  • Checking lighting and electrical goods
  • Cleaning and checking refrigerated units
  • Stacking shelves and organising products
  • Changing window displays and end bays
  • Restocking dump bins with promotional or end-of-line products
  • Posting up special offer signs and posters
  • Neatening and cleaning your shop counter
  • Ensuring aisles are clear and easy to move around (especially for wheelchairs and pushchairs)
  • Checking the condition (and smell!) of fresh products

Keeping a tidy and fresh store makes a great impression on customers and is an important part of running a store. If you find it hard to maintain your store, you might need to think about reorganising your shelving configuration - if you want advice and tips on the different types of  shop shelving available please get in touch with us at

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