Saturday, 9 November 2013

Shop shelving for your winter goods

Shelving4shops offers versatile shop shelving for every season. Winter is heading our way which means shop-keepers across the country are getting ready to show off their winter warmers, whether they are selling hats and gloves, flasks or cold remedies we have a solution to suit your needs.

Peg boards are a great way to sell small items like hats and gloves bagged sweets or batteries. These are easily installed and can be used as part of an end promotional, gondola or wall bay or you can simply change your existing plain back panels for peg board. You can still use a shelf with a peg board back panel so they truly are a versatile product.

Peg Board Display Unit 

Wire Dump Bins 
You can also place wire dump bins by the counter to maximise on the ‘waiting in the queue sales’.

There are several options for maximising small spaces, retail space is expensive so you need to make the best of the space available, here are just a few options below .

5 Tier Wire Basket Unit 
3 Tier Basket Unit 

Wire Stacking baskets/Crisp Baskets 

Cold remedies and other medicines are often kept behind the counter in smaller convenience stores, using our wall fixed uprights (U Channel) and a small 200mm shelf we can offer a solution that involves very little space being taken up. The wall fixed uprights are easy to install and if you like you can also install some peg board back panels to give you an extra display space.

All of the above accompany our wall and gondola shelving. Our wall and gondola bays are easy to install and you can add additional bays to them at any time. They are compatible with 50mm pitch systems and are a great way to display almost any product you have to sell. With a choice of epos colour, shelf size, height and width you can customise your shelving to suit your needs.

Wall Bay

Gondola Bay

Shop shelving

Peg Board Gondola Bays 

Why not give Shelving4shops a call on 01455 221512 or email us at sales at to see what we can offer you so you can maximise sales over the winter months.

You can also visit our showroom open 6 days a week at The Asfare Business Park, Wolvey, LE10 3JG. for all of your shop shelving needs.

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