Thursday, 14 November 2013

Convenience Store Shelving

For convenience store owners, space is always at a premium, and the type of shop racking you choose can make a huge difference to the efficiency of your store. It's important to plan your store layout carefully, including shop shelving and racking, shelving accessories, shop counters and refrigerated shelving units. Every little detail matters when you're working with a smaller space, and, since convenience stores generally stock a wider range of goods than other shops, you'll need shelving that can easily accommodate a variety of products.
wall shop shelving

Your first stop is wall shelving - the backbone of any convenience store, and the shelving that will be displaying the majority of your products. Wall shelving - as the name suggests - is assembled along a wall, with a number of units joined together to make a 'run'. Wall shelving backing can be adapted to suit the type of products you stock, for example: pegboard shelving for hanging items off hooks, magazine racking for paper goods, or adjustable standard shelving for packets, bottles and tins. Wall shelving also has a sturdy base shelf for stocking heavier, larger items, or stacking newspapers. 
Next on the list is gondola shelving - double-sided free-standing shelving units that can be joined together to form aisles either side. These units are perfect for shaping your store and creating a 'flow' for your shop traffic. The obvious benefit of gondola shelving is that you can stock twice as many products because you have shelving on both sides of the unit. Gondola shelving can also be adjusted to different heights and interchanged with different backing according to your stock.
shop shelving accessories

In addition to standard shelving units, you might want to consider investing in a chiller or freezer for fresh and frozen goods. Refrigerated shelving can really boost your sales for quick-grab items like drinks, sandwiches, ice creams and convenience meals. And finally, shelving accessories like risers, epos strips and dividers can help to organise your shelves and keep your shop looking neat and tidy. Temporary and free-standing shelving such as dump bins and wire stacking baskets are ideal for filling awkward spaces and corners or for creating a queuing space near the counter, and can stock promotional items, end-of-line stock or products that are difficult to stack on a shelf. 
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